Once upon a time there was a young Scottish lass that was very proud of her Scottish heritage. She loved attending Highland Games and desired to represent her own Clan and participate fully in all the activities. Upon some persuasion, and I will leave the how to your imagination, she convinced her gallant companion to help her. So with banner, boxes and shield in tow the two set off for what would prove to be many years of fun and adventure. The Gallant companion never complained (well almost never) even when mud and muck seemed to be the order of the day. Every year seemed to bring on more "stuff" more flags, more banners, and more books. The two were fully engrained in the world of tartan, kilts and the Highland Clan system. But the young companion felt a void, as he had no Clan to call his own. None of the reference material that the Scottish lass could find would validate a Clan Schweitzer. It just wasn't there!


Much discussion, over lots of scotch, by many friends ensued. The general consensus was that the young German companion was entitled to his own Clan. Hell for that matter he should be the Chief. (Conversing with good companions at a local pub can be a dangerous thing.) A GREEN rampant lion was chosen as green is the heraldic color for friendship. The German flag colors were chosen for the background of the banner to which the cross of St. Andrew's was added. Of course in the center the ever-popular green rampant lion. Thus Clan McFritz lived.

Since then documentation as to the authenticity of Clan McFritz was discovered in the Priory of Sleate.
Chronicles of St. Briget, 'the Buxom' in the 13th century provide accurate accounts of the origin of the first Chiefs of Clan McFritz. There are numerous stories of Wild Kate, Maid of the Orkney and Hrath of the Isles, founder of Clan McFritz. Historical documents connecting Hrath of the Isles to Hrat, son of Hrot, a Frisian hostage in the court of Haakon, King of Norway and one time Lord of the Isles.

Part of the discovery was that Gary Schweitzer a direct descendant from Hrath was actually a Baron in his own right and was indeed the Chief of the Ancient Clan McFritz. Of course that made the lovely Scottish lass his Baronass. With the birth of their first born, little Fritzer, the cycle continues.

The motto of Clan McFritz is "KEEP THE FUN ALIVE" and it is the Baron's sworn duty to carry out this dictum. Ideas for proceeding through life in a fun manner are constantly gathered from Clan members and well wishers alike. It would be our honor to entertain any scheme devised for the sole purpose of having Fun.